President’s Message

YET another year has passed. A good one at that . It is time to take stock and I am doing it with the customary President’s message.

Bunts are basically a liberal and generous lot. The community is endowed with the quality of leadership, enterprise and philanthropy that is the envy of many. We are today recognized in every aspect of human activity within and outside the country. We have an ability to mix and mingle with the mainstream wherever we go earning the esteem and affection of the people around us. We can indeed be proud of our community’s achievement, considering our humble background and the innumerable hurdles we had to overcome to be where we are today. In a highly competitive and fast changing world, we have to strive harder to be ahead of the competition.

Bunts, like other communities in the society have many social evils. We can make many of them, but we are not casteist, it is gratifying to note that we are we are aware of these evils and are making earnest efforts to eradicate them, if not eliminate them altogether. In the recently concluded World Convention of Bunts at Bangalore, where I was given an opportunity to chair a session, many of the problems ailing the community (from education, dowry, poverty, role of women to inter caste marriages) were discussed and it is hoped corrective measures would be taken in the coming years. Younger elements in our Bunts community are realizing their obligations and are working to combat some of the problems afflicting our lives.

We in Delhi have very few Bunt families settled permanently; bulk of our members are on a temporary transfer to the Capital city and cease to be members once their posting is over and shift to other cities. We, therefore, have not been able to embark on any magor projects, unlike in Bombay, Bangalore and other places. However, we do not lack in our respective or long term needs. We always identify and participate in national activities initiated by the Federation of BUNTS SANGHAS, of which we are an integral part. Our effort always is to make our ‘short term’ members feel at home and be comfortable while in Delhi and it will continue to be our endeavour in future.

During the year that was (1995-96), we had some significant. The scholarship fund we initiated has grown and first such scholarship has been disbursed. We initiated has grown and first such scholarship has been disbursed. We meet at Surya Vihar flat on festive occasions and hope to make it a regular feature. Thanks to generous donations from Members, the flat has been reasonably furnished and is useful for small meetings. During the year, we had meetings, get to gethers, picnics and a visit to Vaishnodevi. The participation this year was overwhelming (a total of 156) With visitors from Bombay and Bangalore joining us. Mr. P. Jayananda Shetty camped in Jammu two days in advance to see to the comfort of the team; our thanks to them, including P. Satish Rai, and his team who made all the arrangements for travel and related matters.

Our ladies have always been supportive; they meet regularly and promote understanding and cohesiveness among us. They are a source of strength and inspiration to all of us and I, on behalf of all of us THANK them for their continued cooperation.

We had to resort to Souvenir to raise funds to keep our activities going and to add to the reserves. We have been able to raise approximately Rs.75,000/- and I would like to THANK each and every member of the committee for the unstinted cooperation and to all other who have contributed to the FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN. I am also thankful to all donors and well wishers who have advertised in the Souvenir. A particular word of gratitude to Shri H.D. Sooda for his noteworthy contribution.

With very few Delhietes, we naturally depend on our floating members for the success of our programmes. We had have excellent cooperation from everyone, be it picnic, ladies night or other activity. I want to thank each one of them for their participation, encouragement and understanding in everything we do, every cause we take up and the activity we undertake. Our financial position is sound.

As we enter yet another fresh lyear and a new team takes over, I THANK one and all and appeal to each one of you for your sustained and generous support to help ourselves and move a step closed to realize our goal.


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