Delhi Bunts – Ladies Wing

Ladies Club of the Delhi Bunts

The ladies club of the Delhi Bunts started about Aug-Sept 1980 with close to 15 members. The wives of the committee members were meeting for the various Bunt Association get together and they decided to meet during the day along with the children sans husbands.

The thought was that as they were away from their native land this would help keep the culture and language alive for their children and self.

Thus began the club wherein several activities were undertaken to raise funds for the betterment of the Bunt community. For 18 years the enterprising Bunt ladies of Delhi did Annual Cultural Events with cultural show and food-the commendable part is that not only did the ladies put up the show with their children participating in it but they cooked the food for the event too. The funds collected from these events have been gainfully used for the Delhi Bunts Cultural Associations acquisition of the Surya Vihar Flat and for other philanthropic interests.

In the 10th year of it’s existence the socially responsible Bunt ladies of Delhi started with their scholarship programme-the recipient of this are 3 deserving and needy students from Mangalore. The programme is open to students of middle school up to College. There have been at least 3 weddings for which the ladies have helped monetarily.

Several of the picnics, Diwali & Ugaadi celebrations have been handled by the ladies wing-right from organizing and working it out successfully. Many a pilgrimages have been organized to Vaishno Devi and Ajmer by the club.

Some of the best features of the ladies club are:

  • No hierarchy
  • Children have benefitted immensely
  • Close knit group-the feeling of family-always there to support each other
  • Tulu language encouraged always
  • Wives of Bank employees have benefitted as they found a family away from home.

Some of the present day members in the ladies club are the ones who were part of the inception, that is proof of how they feel about this 32 years long association. When quipped they said, “we look forward to the monthly meeting as we did 32 years ago!”

Delhi Bunts ladies wing

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