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Odiyoor, Kemaru join World Bunts Day celebrations

‘Bunts’ emphasis is on traditional values, not superstition’ – Odiyoor Swamiji

Rons Bantwal
Daijiworld Media Network – Mumbai (SP)

Mumbai, April 15: “The Bunts have the capacity and caliber even to rule the entire country. The can reach this level, only if they are able to unite and grow together. Lack of will power is the only obstacle standing in their way of achieving integrated progress. If they muster will power, they can one day rule India. The fact that members of the Bunts community are oriented towards protection of values is their unique feature. The word, ‘Bunt’, does not denote any caste, but it is a different class altogether.

If we understand this, and continue to stick to this principle, today will be remembered and celebrated every year as the World Bunts Day, which should also represent our unity. Bunts have the determination and strength to make our nation famous. Lord Hanumantha happens to be the Guru for the Bunts,” said Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji of Odiyoor.

The Swamiji was speaking after participating in the ‘World Bunts Day’ organized on the occasion of ‘Bisu Parba – 2013’ under the aegis of Bunts Sangha Mumbai on Sunday April 14 in the metro. Various Bunts organizations and institutions functioning from the country and abroad had come together for this unique function, held at Buntara Bhavana located at Kurla (East) here. The Swamiji, who inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp, also officially initiated the celebration of World Bunts Day by opening the tender areca nuts, pouring milk on paddy seedlings, and unveiling the Bunts anthem, Bunts flag, and Bunts emblem.

At the programme, held in a grand scale under the presidentship of Sangha president, Shankar B Shetty, the Swamiji also performed puja at Lord Vishnumurthy temple located in the Sangha premises, and hoisted the flag, to connote ‘Bisu Parba’ celebrations. Sri Esha Vittaladasa Swamiji of Kemar Sandeepani Sadhanashram, and Sri Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Math, Gurpur, delivered benedictory addresses. Bunts anthem creator, Dr Suneeta M Shetty, Nalyaguttu Prakash T Shetty, Ashok Pakkala, and Dr Prabhakar Shetty, who designed the Bunts emblem, were honoured with bouquets.

The Swamiji further said that the Bunts anthem resembles the anthem of the land that instantly gives rise to patriorism in our hearts. “If we address the shortage of mutual affection, and lead a simple life, our combined strength will become the strength of the nation. We should, like Pandavas, always aim at achieving new things, and make ourselves available to the service of the nation. The community’s basic strength lies in agriculture, and we can invigorate our strength and progress perennially, if we pay attention to agriculture. We do not support superstition, but always give prominence to traditional values. Let us teach the younger generation the essence of life and thereby uphold the cultural prominence of Bunts,” he advised.

In his address, Kemar Swamiji noted that in the past, the elders of the community used to settle all disputes in the ‘Buntara Guttu’, when there were no courts and offices of registrars. “It is regrettable that the fights between Bunt families have become public knowledge now, in the changed times. I congratulate the Bunts community, which had always stood by the principle of achieving progress of the nation in the past by sticking to family culture, for its decision to celebrate the Bunts Day annually. The lap of our mother is better than any temple. Bunts therefore, are not in need of any seat of religious Guru to guide it. The Bunts should always follow the principle of unity, stay away from spending heavily, work to get educated, and work to ensure that every person of the community becomes strong,” he said.

The Swamiji of Vajradehi Mutt also stressed the need for striving for unity. He said that the Bunts, who are always ready for sacrifice, can gain prominence again if they come together. “The Bunts have always provided guidance to others. The community should preserve its culture and teach a sense of refinement to each of its members,” he stressed.

Shankar B Shetty stressed that the celebration of Bunts Day does not denote the community’s support to casteism. He said that this was a decision taken by the Bunts leaders the world over, for uniting the community towards leading it from strength to strength, and to provide impetus to a sense of universal brotherhood between Bunts community members.

Former Karnataka minister, K Amarnath Shetty Moodbidri, Dr Divakar Rai from England, Sarvottam Shetty Abu Dhabi, Nagesh Shetty Bahrain, Kalattoor Shekhar Shetty Abu Dhabi and around 50 heads of other organizations from the city and elsewhere were seated in the dais. Vice president of the Sangha, Karnire Vishwanath Shetty and wife, Lata Vishwanath, honorary general secretary, Sadashiva B Shetty, honorary treasurer, Satish N Shetty, joint secretary, Ultoor Mohandas Shetty, joint treasurer, Pravin B Shetty, working president of womens’ wing, Lata P Shetty, working president of youth wing, Shivaprasad Shetty, working president of the souvenir editorial board, Kishore Kumar Kutyar, handed over mementos and bouquets to heads of various organizations who had participated in the event.

An interaction between various organizations of Bunts groups was held with the participation of office bearers of different units. As part of cultural programmes, members of nine regional committees of Bunts Sangha Mumbai presented different programmes. A Yakshagana episode, ‘Bhargava Vijaya’, was peformed by Sri Mahavishnu Kripa Bunt Yaksha Kala Vedike on the occasion.

M D Shetty, Aikala Harish Shetty, Sudhakar S Hegde, B Vivek Shetty, Jayaram N Shetty, Justice Ratnakar R Shetty, Virar Shankar Shetty, N C Shetty, Justice K P Prakash L Shetty, and various other Bunt leaders from the city were present.

Members of the women’s wing rendered prayers. Tonse Vijayakumar Shetty and Ashok Pakkala presented the programme. Sadhashiv B Shetty proposed vote of thanks.


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