BCA Flat at Surya Vihar

By the end of 1987, the Association had a bank balance of around Rs. 3 Lakhs with Vijaya Bank. With the initiative of the President Mr. N.M.Shetty and the then General Secretary Mr. R. A. Pakkal, a proposal to go for a Flat for BCA, immediately was put before the committee. The executive committee earnestly realized  the need to have a permanent address for BCA Delhi. Hence a flat was bought at Surya Vihar, Near the Delhi Gurgaon Border for Rs. 8.25 Lakh. In 1988-89. The efforts put by Mr. A.B.S.Shetty for booking the Flat and coordination all subsequent activities for fund raising by Mr. R.A.Pakkal as General Secretary and Mr. Rajeev M. Shetty  as Treasurer are praiseworthy. The Committee brought out two successive souvenirs and raised more than 6 Lakhs. Mr. Suresh Shetty, Mr B.K.S.Shetty and the Vijaya Bank team are remembered for their maximum contributions to the fund raising efforts. Many Committee Members have donated generously to furnish the flat. We place on record a few names like M/s. K.C. Shetty, H.D.Sooda, Arvind Hegde, Jayaram K.Shetty, Sanjeev B. Shetty & K.T.Shetty. The Flat is now utilized for community gatherings, conducting meetings, small functions, festive occasions or any emergency requirements. Since distance wise it is not suiting most members with the added traffic woes, the place has been put on rent.

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